MALXOLM is a vintage jewellery brand based in the United Kingdom, created in 2015 after a failed internet search to find the perfect coin necklace. Inspired by the power and mystique associated with old coins across the globe, our ambition is to collect and incorporate them, creating timeless, personalised and affordable pieces of jewellery that compliment every outfit.


All pieces are 100% unique, having been lovingly designed and handmade in our studio. Each one uses carefully sourced, ex-circulated, vintage coins from countries around the World. Shop our existing collection online to find your perfect coin necklace today. Or if you have a specific year, country or custom design in mind, we'd love to hear from you.



The Hobby of Kings

The passion of collecting coins goes back to the time of ancient kings and queens, who enjoyed them for their artwork. In the 17th and 18th century, many among Europe's high society collected ancient coins, including kings, princes and other nobility. Back then it was something only the wealthy could afford to do, and this explains the popular moniker that has long followed coin collecting: "The hobby of kings".


History of the Coin

All western histories of coins begin with their invention. slightly before or after 700BC. Coins have since been made and distributed in almost all nations for smooth and transparent transaction of values and deeds. Unlike paper, they hold a special place in this sector as they are varied, mysteriously variant and ever-changing. They often reflect ongoing trends and stand as a direct and living witness of historic events. Coins are usually time bound, with a particular type of coin circulated only within a limited period of time, making it rare. Countries like India, Greece and Israel have a marvellous history of producing beautiful coins during their time, with each emperor issuing coins related to his kingdom. Contemporary coin collectors (numismatists), among other qualities, are interested in the subject, event, composition and mintmark associated with each coin.